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alice.'s Journal

24th August, 2007. 12:46 pm.

Hi! I'm Alice. Obviously.

I need to tell you all something. I think you're going to be shocked, but I hope you'll be able to understand. Basically, I'm leaving. I've decided not to go to university. Instead, I'm going to move to Armenia (they have great weather!) and set up a circus. I'm most looking forward to working with the lions. I like lions.

I'm going to leave later today and then change my name to Mustafa. This means I'll never see any of you ever again. I hope this makes you all a little sad. But please don't mourn for me...remember, I'll be with the lions! I like lions.

Try not to judge me for running away, I just couldn't cope with life anymore. Ever since I found out the Darren Hayes was an aids-ridden racist poof, it's all been so meaningless. But then, this morning, I opened the paper and saw an article about the death of an Armenian lion-tamer called Mustafa. He seemed to have led a great life, but was tragically killed in a freak hairdryer accident. So I shall live the rest of his life for him! I can't wait to get over there and meet the lions. I like lions.

Ooh, my taxi's at the door, I must away. By the time you read this I will probably be on the plane. Farewell!


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6th August, 2007. 12:59 pm. Mine and Frenchie's romantic date - OR NOT!

I know this will disappoint everyone but it wasn't a romantic date at all :( However it went really well in a fun way!

Basically it got off to a bad start as I was 45 minutes late :S maybe slightly too late to fashionable? Oh well as we said on Friday, treat 'em mean and all that stuff. Anyway it was fine because I did tell him I was going to be late and he was fine with it and waiting at the place we'd arranged and everything! Anyway we had such a nice evening, we went to this really quiet little bar and sat outside and just chatted really but it was good because we had a lot to talk about and there weren't any awkward silences or anything, we talked a lot about what I should do in Paris to look like a true French girl, like what to wear (nothing brightly coloured or with flowers on)and what drinks to order (champagne for a 'classy girl' or cocktails or beer but not rum and coke or wine)! We laughed a lot as well which was good. It was strange though because it was like a date in lots of ways but both of us were really shy and not really knowing what's going on - I mean we didn't exactly first meet in normal circumstances, it was on the other side of the world for one thing so it's just all a bit strange and now I don't really know what to do. The bad thing was it ended really abruptly because I had to get the night bus home so he walked me to the bus stop but just as we almost got there my bus came so I had to kind of run to get on it and not really say goodbye properly (I know this sounds awful but night busses on Sundays are really infrequent so I had to get on it really) Anyway I did text him later saying thanks and stuff and sorry I had to leave so quickly and he txt back saying that he had a good time but he didn't teach me the true way to appear like a french person, the 'faire la bise' which I think is the cheek kissing thing yeah? So that was quite sweet. Anyway what should I do now? Maybe you could all meet him on Wednesday - if your still coming?

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17th July, 2007. 1:28 pm.

Phew, so I just finished my first full days work since Bollywood (how cool does that sound!) which was in January so it was a bit of a shock and now i'm pretty tired, however this might have more to do with the fact I had to wake up at 5am this morning :( It wasn't as good as I was expecting unfortunately, working in meetings and events last year was really fun even if the shifts were ridiculously long and I had actually made some friends there but now i'm in the stupid club lounge where everyone ignores me or is really rude and horrible to me. When I arrived this morning I wasn't told where anything was or what to do or anything I just had to kind of follow everyone else and instead of explaining anything to me if I did anything wrong or if I looked a bit lost these two horrible polish girls just shouted at me really aggressively. There was this one nice italian girl called Georgia was nice to me but her english is so shocking that we can't really communicate that well! I think the standard of english there has just generally gone down since last time I was there actually - the guy who gave me my uniform told me to 'nice have a day' when I arrived!! Anyway I'm hoping it will get better and in the mean time I'll just have to concentrate on the money I suppose!

Anyway, I feel like I should update on the frenchie situation! I feel a bit disloyal to original frenchie but basically this is frenchie x 2 who I met in New Zealand and who completely ramdomly kissed me in this bar when I was on my own and pretty drunk on skittle vodka. Anyway in a moment of madness a few weeks ago I emailed him and he replied and he is so sweet!! His english is really good but he still comes out with absolute classic lines like:
'I have learn to speak English by reading the whole saga of Harry Potter. I guess that's why it is a bit formal?! Don't be afraid anyway if I use weird witchcraft words from time to time...'
'I was also willing to beg your pardon for my somehow "gentleman-deficient" behaviour'
'It's funny we both appear to be born in the wrong country, as I absolutely love England! Or maybe it's just that both of us like things to be a little different from the commonplace?!'
'Moreover I have to find something quickly'
'I see that you have the elements to understand the joy of living in a deserted country town!'
So anyway now he is working in London and wants to meet for a 'coffee or something if you feel like'. Do you reckon I should? It would be quite funny although I can't remember what he looks like at all though which could be embarassing! Oh well, i'll see what happens!

Anyway I reckon i'm going to have a nap now, it's tiring being a working girl y'know!

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25th June, 2007. 4:12 pm.

Hello everyone!

As you are all coming home soon I have got into planning mode and am currenty thinking about my birthday! Just to get a rough idea - who's around on the 12th July - Anyone at all?
lots of love!
Alice xxxx

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25th May, 2007. 10:29 am.

Does anyone remember where all our europe photos are? I know they are on photobucket but I really can't remember the password or anything. Please help! x

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18th May, 2007. 10:42 am.

I propose I party at my house on the 30th June - Anyone interested?

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15th May, 2007. 4:28 pm. HOME

I'M BACK!!!!!

But first things first, I'm so sorry for not posting in so long! I don't really have an excuse but towards the end of the trip I started using the internet less and less so i'm sorry!

However I missed everyone a lot and can't wait for our next renunion! Party at mine anyone?? Whenever everyone is back from uni I guess although i'm hoping to make at least a few uni visits before then!

I had an absolutely fantastic time travelling, China was SO good despite me not wanting to go! Can't wait to tell you all the exciting stories!

lots of love Alice xxxxx

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18th February, 2007. 5:33 pm.

Hello everyone!

I posted a while ago, well thought I did but aparently it didnt work and saved to a draft instead so here it is:

Hello everyone!

Firstly, I saw some photos of manchester on facebook and it looked like you had fun! Can someone update on here to tell me what u did! Did you have a sleepover like in Birmingham!? It made me miss u guys so much :( Partying with amy is just not the same :( We've been out a lot but I keep thinking fondly of the europe clubbing crew and how u would be having so much fun if you were here!
Secondly, as you may already know im in Sydney and it's great! A really really cool city, I spent a nice romantic valentines day being part of the studio audience of the australian ready steady cook which was so fun, and I was in the front row so got to go up on stage and try the food at the end! It was really nice! Hopefully I wll still be in oz when it is aired so I can see myself on tv! Then went to an equally romantic 'lock and key party' which I really enjoyed, largely because I got ridiculously drunk on cheap wine! I would have only spent $5 (2pounds) in the whole night if I hadn't gone to hungry jacks at the end of the night, stupuid munchies! (hungry jacks is actually burger king it just ahs a different name here, weird ozzies!) Anyway Amy wasnt really enjoying it so we went home quite early which I didn't really mind about because I was trying to escape the clutches of this weird guy! About 5 minutes after every time I managed to escape, he kept finding me and putting his arms around my waist! Anyway that was a fun night, I found my lock and key partner as well but sadly didnt win the prize of a night in a 5* hotel, actually it was probably a good thing I didnt win as the guy who was it with was really old!
Anyway better go, reply soon and email me!!!
lots of love xxxx

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6th February, 2007. 7:03 am.

Hello!! Ahhhhh singapore airport is just the best! Free internet for everyone and nice bed rooms and stuff (and loads of spas and swimming pools which are all too expensive!) it's really not too bad spending 11 hours here! Can't wait to get to Oz now though SO excited to have some nice western food - like museli! I've missed it so much! Anyway as I said in my email Cambodia was a really cool place and I think you should all go there! I will update more soon but actually having said there was free internet they are going to log me out in a sec so got to post NOW so it doesn't delete..... lots of love xxxxx

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23rd January, 2007. 12:13 pm.

oops - I seem to be racking up far too many points while travelling :S I introduced the IB points challenge to my tour group and now seem to be leading the way - again. How embarassing :( They love it though! miss you all lots, can't believe you are going to manchester without me! Have a drink for me! xxxx

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